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About Office Hours

Office hours is a place where Freedom Funnel Club members can go to get their questions answered and get daily support. Use Office Hours to move through the 6 stages of the Freedom Funnel at your own pace and quickly address any challenges you have along the way.

Office Hours occur LIVE on Zoom, Daily from 12:00 - 2:00P Eastern (9:00a - 11:00a Pacific).

The agenda consists of the questions submitted at least 2 hours prior to the call. It is recommended that you submit your questions 24 hours before the call.  

When you submit questions for office hours, select the office hours you’d like to attend, identify your stage, define your problem, and describe the outcome you’re trying to achieve. We’ll help directly on office hours, send you a resource, or help you solve the problem immediately outside of office hours. You will get a confirmation email once your question has been submitted. Our team will contact you if the requested Office Hours are full and it’s unlikely that there will be sufficient time to answer your questions properly.

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